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Foif A90 GPS / GNSS

Foif A90 GPS / GNSS


Yüksek teknoloji ürünü, tam entegre tasarıma sahip uygun boyutta A90, herhangi bir gps ölçüm görevi için en esnek cihazlardan biridir.

Next generation A90 RTK GPS receiver

The suitably sized A90 with hi-tech, fully integrated design is one of the most flexible devices for any gps measurement task. Built-in Linux3.2.0 operating system, multiple smart apps preinstalled, such as tilt measurement, electronic bubble calibration, NFC and voice DIY. The A90 Plus RTK GPS system provides the surveyor industry-leading GPS operation.

Follow the very constellation

555 channels (standard)
NGS approved full wave GNSS antenna

Smart application

Offers tilt research with a maximum tilt angle of 30 degrees
Supports electronic bubble
Intelligent voice assist guides field operations. The sound can be DIY
Standard Rinex data and recorded raw data
At the same time

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