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GeoMax Zenith 25 Pro GPS/GNSS alıcısı, bir veri toplayıcıyla arazi etüdü için kullanılıyor.

GeoMax Zenith 25 Pro GPS / GNSS


The GNSS receiver Geomax Zenith25Pro Rover GSM is built in a shockproof housing that protects the device from damage when dropped from 2 meters on a hard surface.

Easy plug-in sim card slot and memory slot. You will not be behind the technology with the built-in 3.75G GSM modem. An integrated system with an integrated GSM antenna. With its light and ergonomic design, it will provide you convenience in your field work.

You will find the opportunity to work even in the worst weather conditions with its durable and robust structure. IP68 dust and water protection will not prevent you from working again even if your device falls into water. It has military standards against impacts and vibration.

You can easily switch between Network-RTK (CORS systems such as CORS-TR, ISKI-UKBS), Classic RTK and static measurements, and work in the measurement mode you want. With the optional X-Pad for Android program, you can finish most of your office work in the field. You can also save your static measurements directly in RINEX format, and share them directly from the field with the X-Pad for Android software.

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