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Bir tripod üzerine monte edilmiş, inşaat sahasında ölçüm yapmaya hazır bir GeoMax Zoom 20 AccXess total station.

GeoMax Zoom 20 AccXess


It is an ideal device for simple and precise applications such as mapping, construction and architecture. With accXess EDM technology, it enables you to make fast and precise distance measurements.

accXess ™ EDM Technology
GeoMax's flexible EDM Technology provides exceptional reliability and class-leading accuracy, with or without prism, even in the harshest conditions. Reflectorless accXess EDM Technology is available in the GeoMax Zoom20 series in a2 (250 m) and a4 (400m).

Embedded Software
Easily control your data with flexible and easy-to-use firmware. Areas and Volumes, Reference Items, CoGo and more can be accessed using the large graphic display. Import and Export in any format you want for complete control and flexibility.

Laser plummet
Centering is simple with the GeoMax's laser drop. Brightness
The laser beam is easily visible and eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone procedures required for an optical drop. You win every

Four-axis compensation
With advanced electronic compensators, GeoMax devices always stay straight and collision errors are corrected. Four-axis compensation is standard in all GeoMax total stations, which means you can be sure of maximum reliability with both horizontal and vertical angles.

Powerful Li-ion batteries
The GeoMax Li-Ion battery, which lasts up to 36 hours, is one of the standard accessories included with the Zoom20 series. The ability to work with standard accessories reduces your total cost of ownership.

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