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Singular XYZ Y1 GNSS: High-Precision GNSS Receiver

Singular XYZ Y1 GNSS: A revolution in mapping measurements


Stonex S900A GNSS receiver is equipped with high performance GNSS card, 600 channels, and can support multi-satellite constellations.

The S900A features aRTK technology that greatly reduces the impact of land-based communication instability. The aRTK is transmitted over the satellite for uninterrupted centimeter-level positioning in areas where local RTK communication links are unstable.

The S900A features a new high-sensitivity multi-constellation antenna, a powerful UHF transmitter and a GSM 4G modem combined with a light and modern design. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities provide reliable data flow to the controller, and the integrated TX / RX UHF radio modem with selectable frequencies makes the S900A the perfect solution for a GNSS Base + Rover.

The S900A includes an integrated E-Bubble sensor that allows difficult spots to be measured so that the poles are not straight. It is possible to measure points with a 30 ° pole tilt even in harsh environments and in the presence of magnetic fields. You can view the balloon through the software without having to control the balloon of the pole.

With the Stonex S900A, 2 smart hot-swappable batteries can be installed at the same time, providing up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge. The power level can be checked and viewed from the controller or directly from the LED bar on the battery.

The S900A has an IP67 rating for water and dust. It is also designed to withstand a 2-meter pole without damaging the concrete floor. This makes the S900A durable enough for even the harshest environments.

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