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Sokkia Set 330RK

Sokkia Set 330RK

₺24,000.00 Regular Price
₺22,500.00Sale Price

The 30RK series Total Stations have a backlit alphanumeric keypad for each key. 330RK is double keyboard.

The 30RK series total stations have a backlit alphanumeric keypad for each key, and you can also use the 37-key SF14 wireless keypad. Electronic total stations are equipped with RED-techII rangefinder and can measure distances over 200 meters. The total station has a laser pointer that can be pointed at the target without using a telescope even in low light conditions.

The reflectorless rangefinder allows you to measure distances in less than 1 second with 3mm + 2ppm accuracy. Set 30RK series total stations comply with the requirements of IP66 standard for protection against water and dust and allow operation in all kinds of rain. The operating time of a fully charged battery is approximately 7 hours.

The user has the ability to assign the desired function (or calculation task) to any key.

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