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Alternatif Metin: Trimble Total Station M3, doğru arazi ölçümleri için yüksek hassasiyetli bir ölçüm cihazı.

Trimble M3

SKU: 0007
₺10,000.00 Regular Price
₺9,000.00Sale Price

Trimble M3 DR 2 "Total Station

* 2 "(0.5 mgon) Sensitivity

* Color touch screen on the front, black / white screen on the back.

* Familiar, practical, the same software with GPSs that have not changed for years.

* 500 m. Reading without reflector

* Direct transfer to USB flash disk

* Endless movement screw (Practical use that does not require locking)

* Laser plummet

* Super Speed reading (0.8 sec.)

Angle Measuring Accuracy 2nd "
Compensator / range Biaxial
Measuring time 0.8 sec. (Speed standard measurement)
Reflectorless distance measurement range 500 m.
Distance measurement with a single prism 3000 m. (min.1.5 m.)
Prismatic distance measurement accuracy 2 mm ± 2 ppm
Reflectorless distance measurement accuracy 3 mm ± 2 ppm
Transfer Direct transfer from USB
Operating temperature ° С -20 ° - + 50 °
Working time with double battery 26 hours
Charging time for a battery Less than 2 hours
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