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GPS/GNSS Trimble R10 jeodezik ekipmanı

Trimble R10 GPS / GNSS

SKU: 0005

Investigate previously inaccessible points, reduce occupation time and record faster and safer measurements than ever before with the Trimble R10 GNSS System. Built-in firmware provides automatic compensation for pole tilt up to 15 degrees and RTK level accuracy anywhere.

Trimble HD-GNSS Processing Engine

Next generation center positioning technology Trimble R10 includes the advanced Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine. This breakthrough technology eliminates the traditional fix / float technique, allowing more accurate error assessment than conventional GNSS technology, especially in harsh conditions. It enables mappers to complete their measurements confidently and in less time, while providing higher position and accuracy reliability with significantly reduced convergence times.

Trimble 360 Technology

Secure Your Investment for the Future. The powerful Trimble 360 receiver technology within the Trimble R10 supports all frequencies of all current and planned GNSS and correction systems. With the dual-core Trimble Maxwell ™ 6 chipset, the Trimble R10 offers a unique 440 GNSS channels. The Trimble R10 monitors and uses RTK signals from all satellite systems today. Thanks to this technology, which sees 35-40 satellites when on the field, the number of satellites that can be measured easily even in narrow streets can be seen and sensitive work is not interrupted.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX Technology

RTK Level Accuracy Anywhere The Trimble CenterPoint RTX provides RTK level accuracy anywhere in the world without the need for a base station or Trimble VRS ™ Network. In response to coverage problems of systems that provide correction by using terrestrial communication broadcasts such as CORS-TR, and ISKI, CenterPoint RTX is the only satellite in the world that makes correction broadcasts. Neither RTK base station nor network allows RTK precision operation anywhere, without the need for RTK correction.

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