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Trimble R4 GPS/GNSS'in ön görünümü, cihazın ekranını, tuşlarını ve önemli detaylarını gösterir.

Trimble R4 GPS / GNSS

₺6,000.00 Regular Price
₺5,000.00Sale Price

The Trimble R4 offers a practical RTK use with the Recon hand control unit.

If Every Point Matters, Solution: TRIMBLE
Designed for surveyors looking for easy-to-use GNSS technology, the Trimble® R4 GNSS System provides superior performance even in the harshest conditions. Trimble R4; integrated Trimble R-Track ™ satellite tracking technology and simple design; provides a flexible, reliable and robust system.

Complete GNSS System
Lightweight, convenient and wireless, the Trimble R4 GNSS system with Trimble Access ™ field software provides the convenience of an integrated receiver and everything you need to perform a basic operation
survey campaign.

The dual frequency antenna increases tracking capability and provides sub-millimeter phase center stability for precise results in harsh conditions. Powered by internally removable batteries, this system provides a full working day for uninterrupted field work.

Advanced Trimble R-Track Technology
Powered by the 220-channel Trimble Maxwell ™ 6 chip, the Trimble R4 offers the accuracy and reliability required for precise measurement with superior tracking and RTK performance. You can monitor more satellites and measure more successfully in harsh environments, including GPS L2C and Japanese QZSS support. L2C provides more than just additional signals - its improved signal structure provides better power for more reliable satellite tracking.

Acts Vrs Rover, RTK Rover Or Field Base Station Function

Use as a lightweight rover for static measurement or RTK. The Trimble R4 is fully compatible with Trimble VRS ™ solutions and creates a VRS navigator for use in real-time networks. With internal 430-450 MHz
Both a transmitter and receiver radio or a fully integrated GSM / GPRS modem, this system can be adapted to meet a variety of needs. As a base station, the Trimble R4 with integrated UHF transmission option is rugged, all
It is weatherproof and compatible with other GPS.

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