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Entegre 3D tarayıcı eklentisine sahip Trimble S7 Total Station

Trimble S7

SKU: 0004

The Trimble® S7 Total Station model combines scanning, imaging and mapping in one powerful solution. You will now need only one device in the field to carry out all your surveys.

Integrated 3D Scan

Save time both in the field and in the office with Trimble SureScan technology. You can now experience the flexibility to perform feature-rich scans every day. You can effectively collect the information you need to create digital terrain models (DTMs), volume calculations and topographic measurements much faster than traditional surveying methods. With SureScan technology, you can obtain and process data faster by focusing on measuring the correct points instead of more points.

Improved Trimble VISION Technology

Trimble VISION technology gives you the power to direct your measurement work with live video images on the control unit and at the same time create various project outputs from the collected images. With the video, you can take measurements with or without a prism with point-and-click efficiency. To make sure you don't miss critical information, you can quickly document the field and add your notes directly to the pictures in the field. In the office, you can use your Trimble VISION data for measurements or to process 360-degree panoramas and high dynamic range (HDR) images for even clearer project outputs.

Superior Accuracy with Trimble DR Plus

Trimble DR Plus range measurement technology provides prismless long distance Direct Reflex measurement. You can now measure and improve your scanning performance with fewer device settings. The combination of Trimble DR Plus and the vibration-free and silent MagDrive ™ servo technology results in unmatched capacity for fast measurements without compromising accuracy.

Don't be surprised by the point

With Trimble SurePoint ™, you can reduce targeting errors, avoid costly re-measurements, and be confident in your results. The Trimble S7 Total Station locks onto the target by effectively correcting unwanted movements even in the presence of wind, level shift and foot sinking, ensuring accurate targeting and measurement every time. With its special MultiTrack ™ technology and Target ID features, mappers can choose the type of prism that best suits the working site conditions, both passive and active, and make sure that they will lock onto the correct prism.

Manage Your Assets

With Trimble Locate2Protect technology, you can track the locations of your total stations for 24 hours. You can see the location of your device at any time and receive alerts when the device is moved from its job location or is exposed to any unexpected impact or tampering. With the Trimble InSphere ™ Equipment Management system, you can view your usage and keep your firmware, software and maintenance requirements up to date. With Trimble Locate2Protect and InSphere Equipment Management, you can be sure your device is up-to-date and where it should be.

Powerful Land and Office Software

You can choose from a Trimble controller that runs the feature-rich, intuitive Trimble Access field software. Improved workflows guide teams through common project types, helping to get work done faster with less distraction. Trimble Access workflows can also be customized to meet your needs. In the office, you can rely on Trimble Business Center software to help you control, process and correct your optical, balancing and GNSS data with one software solution.

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